September 12, 2017

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Just one more game, just one more. Wait, where did that hour go? Morphblade is an addictive well-made casual strategy game, where the actions you can perform depend directly on where you are located.

Sometimes simple game mechanics rules can build to a deep tactical gameplay. Morphblade is played on an expanding hex grid where the player is battling waves of various types of bugs. The problem is that the actions that the player can perform are completely defined by the type of hex on which they are located. On a Hammer hex bugs can be smashed to pieces, on a Health hex damage can be repaired, Acid hexes strip armour from bugs, and so on. Each type of hex also has different rules for how it can be upgraded. On a small playing area where you are forced to move each turn, this game quickly requires planning several moves ahead in order to progress. Bad luck is kept in check by the fixed order that enemies appear, but memorising moves won’t work as the initial location of the enemies and the hexes added to the grid are random. Morphblade is very addictive. Games last 5-10 minutes of mostly thinking and the player always knows what they did wrong, so the temptation is always to try again. Morphblade is a great simple tactical game.

Morphblade is US$4.99 on the Steam store for PC only.

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